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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Jihad of Abu Muslim al-Austraili / Mohammed Dawood

The media call him “David Hicks”, but that’s not the name he’s chosen for himself.

I’ll get straight to the point: I’m only sorry that the US won’t hang the bugger.

Last Monday evening ABC’s Four Corners aired a documentary full of bleeding-heart sympathy for Adelaide’s own jihadi. Four years after his incarceration, with good reason to make things up, he now says that the US Army stuck things up his butt. As Foreign Minister the Hon Alexander Downer said: “Our officials have had many meetings with him ... and on no occasion has he ever raised such a concern,”.

By way of a brief aside, how many of those who bleat about the Geneva Convention understand that to be subject to Geneva, a combatant has to have (a) a commander who is responsible for his subordinates; (b) formal recognizable military insignia; (c) weapons that are carried openly, and (d) an adherence to the laws and customs of warfare? Islamist terrorists meet none of these conditions. To apply Geneva to such people would be to give an imprimatur to child murdering, head-hacking savages. Further, as Ann Coulter recently noted:

American soldiers make do with C-rations. Dinner on an America West flight from New York to Las Vegas consists of one small bag of peanuts. Meanwhile, one recent menu for suspected terrorists at Guantanamo consisted of orange-glazed chicken, fresh fruit crepe, steamed peas and mushrooms, and rice pilaf.

Returning to Abu M's allegations of unwanted suppositories, Law Council of Australia President John North whined, “All of his claims would need to be tested very carefully indeed because why otherwise has he been held for nearly four years without a proper court process? There must be something people are trying to hide,". Of course his claims should be tested carefully. The rest of his statement is getting into “Elvis killed JFK and lives in Adelaide / the Mossad planned 9/11 to bring about Jewish world domination” territory. To that extent, North is talking out of the same orrifice that Abu Muslim claims to have had penetrated.

I cannot say it better than BYF:

The US has not held him for so long because it is afraid he will tell the world it has tortured him, because:

  • it gave him a lawyer;
  • he has told the world anyway; and
  • if the US really was the sort of country that would do this, and render people to other countries, then why would it let him talk, rather than throwing him out of a plane into the ocean?

Now, as the loony left Sydney Morning Herald report points out [again, thanks to BYF, who obviously has a strong stomach for this particular newspaper]:

“Hicks admits aiding the enemy, waging war against the west and providing material assistance to those trying to kill Australian troops. He is an active member of a movement closer in international law to piracy than anything else. Yet somehow what he did is not that bad - because he did not manage to kill anyone?”

And since we are quoting BYF, this is wonderful:

The noble Lucius Junius Brutus executed his sons for treason. Hicks's father, rather than being embarrassed at the shame that his son has brought on the family, would rather parade stories on the TV about anal intrusions, in a sad attempt to raise the schoolyard excuse, "Well, my son may be bad, but the US is worse" - so my son should be excused from responsibility for his crimes. "He did it too!"

Hicks, for those who don’t know, is trying to obtain UK citizenship, in the hope that the Blair government will spring him from Guantanamo. After the UK's July experience with their Mohammedan citizens, one would hope their government would move heaven and earth to avoid picking this one up.

I remember Hicks senior standing in a cage outside SA Liberal party meetings. His son has, on his own admission, betrayed his country and its values, and we are supposed to cry and beg for his release?

In the Hicks propaganda film The President Versus David Hicks, his father:

  • reads out excerpts of David Hicks's letters, in which Hicks says that his training in Pakistan and Afghanistan is designed to ensure "the Western-Jewish domination is finished, so we live under Muslim law again". He denounces the plots of the Jews to divide Muslims and make them think poorly of Osama bin Laden and warns his father to ignore "the Jews' propaganda war machine.". Abu Muslim’s a Jew-hater. Quelle surprise.

  • said that his son seemed unaware of the September 11 attacks when they spoke on a mobile phone a few days after the American bombing campaign in Afghanistan began. Of course, he now says that but was horrified by the September 11, 2001, attacks and could not leave Afghanistan because the border was shut by the Taliban.

He should go the way of William Joyce.


Blogger airforcewife said...

It doesn't matter what the truth is - the rumor is far more juicy and interesting. That is what will stick in people's heads even after they are proven wrong.

And remember the spate of Koran "desecrations" that happened among the Palistinians being held by Israel after they found out it got sympathy...

1:14 AM  

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